Dawn Rogers Stahura

Associate Librarian for the Sciences and Health Sciences at Salem State University.

Zine Librarian at Salem State University



"A 'medium' is literally a translator between realms of experience and/or realms of knowledge."

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Research Interests

  • critical creativity
  • zines as scholarship
  • art as healing
  • holistic teaching
  • critical information literacy
  • open pedagogy
  • participatory literacy


Dawn Stahura is a research librarian, educator, and artist from Salem, Massachusetts currently working as an Associate Librarian at Salem State University. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing and an A.A.S. in Business Management. She earned her M.L.S. from Indiana University in 2009. She is an instructor of Critical Information Literacy and Social Justice at the Library Juice Academy and is the creator of the ACT UP evaluation method which considers the role privilege plays in publishing and access to information.

Dawn teaches a variety of library instruction sessions on critical information literacy as well as conducts research appointments with students and faculty. She is heavily involved in using zines in the classroom to strengthen student scholarship and research skills while making space for students to engage with critical creativity and open pedagogy. Outside of academia, Dawn publishes her own zines, is on the Board of Directors of the Papercut Zine Library in Boston, and leads creative arts workshops at the Salem Public Library for kids and teens.

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Student Engagement

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*​I was fortunate to be embedded in the courses where the students created these zines.

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Earth Day Gradients



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